Natalie Smith

Lilac Embroidery

27 Lilac Embroidery Flower Design Ideas

Inside: Pretty Lilac Embroidery Design Ideas To Make Today. If there is one theme in embroidery that never goes out of style, it’s flowers. Flowers are the constant light throughout all of the changes that happen over the years. No matter what new stitch is created, they will at some point be used to craft […] Read more…

Bird Embroidery

27 Bird Embroidery Pattern with Easy Designs

Inside: Bird embroidery patterns you’ll take flight with.  Birds occupy virtually every part of the world we live in. They are as much a part of our lives as the trees, the grass, heck…even the internet. And yet, the majority of people don’t really pay them any mind. They are such intense, beautiful, and free […] Read more…

How To Do Brazilian Embroidery + Easy Patterns

Inside: Everything you need to know about Brazilian embroidery! Embroidery is a common creative outlet of many cultures around the world. Though it may be called different names, generally there is believed to easily be hundreds and hundreds of varying types and styles. For someone just starting their own embroidery journey, this can seem a […] Read more…

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