Natalie Smith

Unicorn Embroidery Designs

51 Magical Unicorn Embroidery Designs

Inside: Unicorn embroidery ideas that you’ll love creating.  Unicorns are basically the symbol of science fiction. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a magical horse-like creature that has a horn in the middle of its head. Typically, they have powers or they can fly. You’ve probably learned about them when you were a […] Read more…


27 Rose Embroidery Patterns & Designs

Inside: Rose embroidery patterns with printable PDF’s that will make you swoon.  Roses are such a classic flower. We see them basically every time we go enter a grocery store…especially around Valentine’s Day. They are unmatched with their beautiful shape and thorny stems. The rose bulb itself has this amazing spiral quality that makes them […] Read more…

Landscape Embroidery

43 Landscape Embroidery Designs & Simple Stitched Patterns

Inside: Landscape embroidery designs to recreate your favorite view. Embroidery is a timeless art form. Many people actually refer to it as painting with thread. One of my absolute favorite things to see embroidered is nature. There are so many natural things you can embroider; flowers, trees, the ocean. But my favorite of all hands […] Read more…

Strawberry Embroidery

37 Sweet Strawberry Embroidery Patterns & Design Ideas

Inside: Strawberry embroidery patterns and fun ideas to create this summer.  Have you ever seen food embroidery before? Because let me tell you this right now…it will give that boost of serotonin you’ve been looking for. They are truly one of the cutest forms of embroidery, at least that’s what I think. I’ve seen pineapple […] Read more…

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